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Unleash the Power of AIOps + Automation

Together, the combined Resolve + FixStream platform will handle a wide array of IT operations – from automated dependency mapping, operational data correlation, and predictive analytics to intelligently automating cross-domain actions based on those findings.

We’ve consistently heard IT leaders express a need for a closed-loop system of discovery, analysis, detection, prediction, and automation — and are thrilled to begin the journey of turning this vision into reality with the acquisition of FixStream.

Say Hello to FixStream

If you are new to FixStream, the company was recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor for their innovative AIOps+ technology. The product dynamically tracks the changing relationships between apps and underlying infrastructure and performs extensive data correlation to aid in quickly diagnosing the root cause of performance issues and outages.

It also leverages AI and machine learning to analyze and contextualize large volumes of systems data, enabling the solution to detect patterns that can predict future issues across the entire IT stack.

Analyst Report

Get EMA Research's Take on the Acquisition

Don't take our word for it. Check out EMA Research's third-party analysis of our acquisition of FixStream. Here's a peek inside:

"EMA research and experience support the wisdom of this acquisition. EMA has firsthand knowledge of both Resolve and FixStream. Noting in January of 2019 that 'Resolve checks so many of the boxes that research and field experience show enterprises look for in an automation solution.' EMA first went on record in 2015 by viewing FixStream as 'one of the most compellingly architected solutions in the marketplace' at the time. Since then, both companies have successfully executed in a wide mix of customer environments to strong reviews."

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