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Noise Reduction & Event Correlation

Transform Overwhelming Alarm Volumes Into Actionable Insights & Automated Actions

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Separate Signal from Noise

Determine which alarms need your attention by eliminating false positives, reviewing time-series event playbacks, correlating connected events into incidents, and determining probable root cause.

Centralized Event Center

Reduce MTTR and streamline operations with a central event center that captures, de-dupes, and categorizes all events and alarms by criticality and auto-generates tickets based on severity.

Integrated Intelligent Automation

Autonomously clear events and resolve incidents with robust, process-level automations that can fix problems before they ever impact your business.

Ready to reduce your alarm noise & improve IT operations efficiency?

Noise Reduction & Event Correlation Features

Cut Through Alarm Noise to Find the Needle in the Proverbial IT Haystack

Over the last few years, IT complexity has grown at an astronomical rate. If your team is like most, you face an exponential increase in infrastructure data that far exceeds human capacity for manual analysis. Meanwhile, the myriad of monitoring tools intended to keep things up and running have ironically created new challenges by generating thousands of alarms every day, most of which are false positives, and forcing you to swivel-chair your way through troubleshooting. Without a doubt, it’s difficult to find the needle in the proverbial IT haystack when it comes to solving problems.

Cut Through Alarm Noise to Find the Needle in the Proverbial IT Haystack

The good news is that AIOps has arrived. Resolve Insights (our AIOps solution) ingests, aggregates, analyzes, and contextualizes immense amounts of data from a wide variety of sources, including all of those monitoring tools and native discovery and data collection of our own. It then performs advanced event correlation to reduce alarm noise, highlighting real problems and intelligently grouping events, so you can take action or let our automation fix the problem for you... autonomously.

Feature ingest analyze data

Ingest & Analyze Data from Multiple Sources

You love your monitoring tools, but why must they be so noisy? Let’s reignite the romance. Resolve Insights snaps seamlessly into your ecosystem and can immediately start analyzing data from your existing IT operations, monitoring, and service management tools with our prebuilt connectors and integrations, as well as an open API ingestion layer.
See the list of integrations here.

Resolve ingests a wide variety of operational data including things like server performance metrics (CPU, memory, IO, disk), network performance (bandwidth, interface I/O, CPU, memory), storage (IOPS, latency, throughput), log events, and network faults thru SNMP.

This data is aggregated and analyzed with powerful AI-driven algorithms to contextualize faults and alerts , so you can understand the impact on your business-critical applications and prioritize the right alarms. This context also significantly accelerates root cause diagnosis by pinpointing the culprit across multiple domains — meaning you can stop swivel-chairing between multiple monitoring tools and get a single pane of glass.

Feature assimilate direct monitoring

We Bring Our Own Monitoring Data to the Party

Resolve Insights collects insightful health and performance data that can be used to manage and optimize your environment. These metrics are also combined with millions of other data points from integrated tools to provide the richest possible data analysis and event correlation, which means we can reduce alarm noise for you.

But that’s not all... Resolve Insights provides operational dashboards that are fully customizable, putting all of the key metrics you need at your fingertips. Additionally, handy tools like performance heat maps provide aggregated views of all devices in your environment with composite scores for CPU, memory, and disk utilization.

Filtering enables you to quickly spot which devices are overworked or under utilized to ensure optimal health and workload placement, as well as storage devices that are nearing capacity and require attention.

Feature central event center

Create a Central Event Center

Our Event Center is a one-stop shop for your events, giving you the single pane of glass you’ve always wanted. All of the alerts, faults, log events, and tickets from across your environment (and your many tools) are collected in one location and categorized for you by severity, so you know where to focus.

Resolve Insights also de-duplicates events from various sources and leverages our ML-powered correlation engine to determine which events are connected to one another in order to create actionable incidents. We even auto-generate tickets in your ITSM system based on severity, so you can focus your brainpower on resolving not logging.

Feature time series event correlation

Time-Series Event Correlation

Resolve Insights stores correlated event data in a time series and then applies machine learning algorithms to identify patterns. These patterns enable us to further reduce noise over time, identify probable root cause, and even proactively detect problems before they happen. Additionally, you can leverage the time-series correlations to playback all of the events that occurred in a time period simply by clicking on a DVR-like play button. The playback highlights every status change so you can quickly see the patterns for yourself.

How It Works
Millions of events are normalized and sequenced in a time series and then analyzed by a machine learning-powered algorithm. The algorithm reduces noise by consolidating multiple incidents based on learned sequences and patterns, and it also identifies probable root cause. Additionally, Resolve Insights proactively identifies future impacts based on the sequence of events in the repeating patterns.

Our algorithms can process millions of events in less than five minutes, enabling the identification of unique sequences with 80-100 percent probability with two to ten depths of sequence

Feature event clustering

Event Clustering Fueled by Machine Learning

We all know that when an incident strikes, it wreaks havoc throughout your entire environment. The alarm bells start ringing everywhere, making it tough to track down the source of an issue. Resolve Insights leverages machine learning to help determine which events are related to one another, across systems and domains. Our correlation algorithms quickly take action to identify clusters and dramatically compress event volumes while providing the context you need to accelerate incident response and improve MTTR.

Feature understanding impact changes

Understanding the Impact of Changes

We all know that sometimes changes can have unintended consequences, despite best intentions. Resolve Insights periodically pulls authorized and implemented change requests from your ITSM platform. These change requests are ingested as events and then analyzed by our correlation algorithm and leveraged in root-cause analysis. Change requests can be viewed as overlays on various interfaces (similar to tickets, alerts, and faults), so you can visualize their impact on performance and outages. We also allow you to block alerts on devices under maintenance to eliminate false alarms.

Feature event enrichment

Event Enrichment

Resolve Insights interacts bidirectionally with your event systems and ITSM platform. In fact, Insights can read and create tickets on its own, suppress unnecessary tickets, and enrich the important ones with additional context that will help you close them out faster and with fewer headaches. That context can include data extracted from dependency maps, auto-discovered topology, event correlation and change requests, as well as things like additional alerts and logs.

Feature autonomous incident resolution

Autonomous Incident Resolution

While Resolve Insights is great on its own, it packs an even bigger punch when paired with Resolve Actions, which provides powerful, enterprise-class automation capabilities. When you use them together, the findings in Resolve Insights can autonomously trigger automations when identifiable events and conditions occur. In many cases, this means that outages are avoided altogether, and in others, automation dramatically accelerates MTTR – oftentimes reducing the time required to resolve issues from hours to seconds.

Together, Resolve Insights and Resolve Actions deliver a closed-loop system of discovery, detection, analysis, prediction, and automation, bringing you closer to achieving the long-awaited promise of ‘self-healing IT’ and autonomous IT operations!

Key Benefits

Streamline Operations & Accelerate Incident Response by Reducing Alarm Noise

Streamline Operations & Accelerate Incident Response by Reducing Alarm Noise
Filter noise icon


Focus your attention on the right issues by eliminating alarm noise

Safeguard business icon


Prioritize events impacting business-critical and customer-facing apps

Accelerate mttr icon


Accelerate incident response with comprehensive visibility, root-cause analysis, and autonomous fixes

Improve performance icon


Improve application and infrastructure reliability, performance, and uptime

Visibility icon


Stop swivel-chairing between multiple tools with a consolidated, centralized event center

Actions icon


Execute autonomous actions to quickly fix or prevent outages before they impact your business

Protect icon


Leverage pattern matching and automated actions to predict and prevent future issues

Time icon


Eliminate countless hours of manual work to validate, sort, and correlate events

ITSM integration icon


Auto-generate and enrich tickets in your ITSM system so you can focus on resolving, not logging


Ingest & Analyze Data from Your Favorite Tools