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Take on more with the power of purpose-built, no-code automation

Automate day-to-day IT processes, from maintenance checks to incident remediation.

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Orchestrate and automate remediation, incident response, and service requests across your IT processes and applications running on Azure​.

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Lower MTTR and increase organization productivity

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Automate incident response to build resilient infrastructure​

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Ensure business continuity with ongoing maintenance

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Empower your IT Teams to move faster with Automated IT Operations

Quickly validate, diagnose, and fix problems with Resolve​

Resolve Patching Management Process

Use the Resolve platform to automate across all your legacy, and modern IT infrastructure.​

  • Trigger and validate alerts and IT incidents automatically​
  • Run thorough diagnostics to collect critical data​
  • Integrate with your favorite ITSM to enrich ticket data real-time ​
  • Resolve issues with auto-remediation or interactive remediation

Accelerate, Scale, and Transform with Solutions Designed to Manage Complexity

Resolve helps IT organizations globally deliver services faster, save money, reduce MTTR, and do more with less, empowering admins, minimizing escalations, address business needs.

$1M saved every year

by simply automating Windows and UNIX server restarts for one of the top three global credit card companies

90% gain in efficiency

(from 45 minutes to 5 minutes) by automating service restarts for the leading U.S. drug store chain

60x improvement in MTTR

(from 3 hours to a few minutes) by automating resolution of storage utilization errors for another top three global credit card company

40% fewer man hours

by automating proactive checks for RAID systems, UNIX boxes, Citrix servers, databases, and disk space for a top tier global services company

Automation Use Cases to scale IT Operations

Incident response & remediation​
Crush Change Management with Resolve as Your Secret Weapon.

Automatically address IT incidents with comprehensive and standardized response procedures.​

  • Validate and triage alerts to ensure critical alerts are addressed immediately​
  • Run comprehensive diagnostics across your complex IT landscape to have information ready for decision making ​
  • Auto-remediate root cause or use human-guided automations based on decision trees​
  • Enrich IT tickets with full investigation and remediation logs in human readable format for audit and compliance​

Most popular remediation runbooks​

Diagnostic health checks
Load balance/App failover
Resource management

Infrastructure and operations service requests​
Resolve Service Desk Requests

Streamline ITSM handshakes with approved and secure automations. Rid yourself of repetitive tickets​

  • Achieve fast resolution. Validate, diagnose, and resolve IT tickets automatically​
  • Provide consistent, high-quality service with fewer technician errors or incomplete resolutions ​
  • Reduce ticket escalations. Automatically trigger SME-approved automations & procedures​

Most popular ticket automations

OS provisioning/deprovisioning
Disk space cleanup
Virtual machine management