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5 Outcomes of Incident Resolution Innovation – Silicon Valley Summit

5 Outcomes of Incident Resolution Innovation – Silicon Valley Summit
June 29, 2018 • Resolve Staffer

Resolve Systems recently hosted the Incident Resolution Summit in the heart of global technology innovation – Silicon Valley. The Incident Resolution Summit is designed to improve the entire incident lifecycle from detection (from an ITSM, SIEM, or Service Desk) to resolution for IT, networking and security operations. For half a decade, Resolve Systems has brought this unique Summit – the only of its kind – to Munich, Chicago, London, Austin, and Cologne.

It seems fitting that in Silicon Valley, which Steve Jobs helped create, we hosted an event that brought his quote to life as working together really is what makes the business world go around. Dozens of professionals running the gamut of operational roles in their own organizations – IT, networking, and security operations – to work together, discussing real problems that need real solutions.

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Just what did these operational leaders discuss? Read on for more details.

SNOC: The Future State of NOC + SOC

A highly experienced chief information security officer, Sameer Sait, took us on a timely journey of understanding more about what happens when we combine operational roles, particularly networking and security. We looked at how the operations center is changing and merging, with insight into how to manage a joint NOC+SOC operation, how to fund the group, and how to recruit to staff it.

Enhancing Customer Experience Through Automation

As the Manager of OSS Development for The Zayo Group, Greg Thorne helped our audience better understand how to manage the deployment of automation projects quickly and with significant ROI. Some of the main items our audience were interested in were what types of customer experience tactics can be tied to automation, how internal teams are structured to deploy automations, who is responsible for each part of an automation and how to track business metrics such as ROI.

The Evolution of Automation & Orchestration

These are two subjects near and dear to our hearts at Resolve Systems, and our Chief Product Officer, Larry Lien, shared where we’ve come from and where we’re going with regard to automation and orchestration. Operations centers are becoming more streamlined, but are continuously overworked and overwhelmed. Automation alone is not enough, but Resolve reduces the amount of time it takes to validate, diagnose, and resolve incidents across IT operations, network operations, and security. The advice that resonated most with the audience is General Patton’s: “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week”. Larry has seen the best automation results when organizations keep an open mind and take an incremental approach to incident response and resolution.

Tales from the Cloud: Driving Effective Incident Response

This joint session, presented by Sean Cordero, head of cloud strategy for Netskope, and Jack Leidecker, vice president of information security at Digital Realty, addressed the relation between incident response and cloud computing. The topic, top of mind for many of our attendees, focused on what companies should be aware of in terms of privacy and security standards from their cloud providers.

Automation & the Need for Human Knowledge

Kent McNeill, director of incident management and response for Shaw Communications, closed out the day with a rousing session about the successes his company has seen through its relationship with Resolve Systems. This quasi-case study gave real insight into how to deploy incident resolution across the enterprise and helped attendees to really zero in on who within the organization did what, how they managed to respond while also building automation, and how to they plan to continue leveraging automation using self-service and tools like chat-bots as they move forward.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all, it was a great event that took Steve Jobs’ words to heart – working together, across the enterprise, is the way we’ll make a difference. Watch for more info, including videos of these sessions, to be published soon.

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