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AIOps Integrated with Incident Resolution is Pivotal for IT Operations

AIOps Integrated with Incident Resolution is Pivotal for IT Operations
March 22, 2018 • Resolve Staffer

Digital business transformation is an increasing priority for IT; modern IT operations must support an unprecedented array of intertwined technologies and services and, as a result, many organizations have difficulty managing infrastructure. The complexities and inter dependencies of modern infrastructure mean an outage in one core service can have significant ripple effects, and users expect response and resolution faster than ever. IT operations can no longer make sense of this complexity through human discernment alone, and operations leaders seek a solution.

Source: Innovation Insight for Algorithmic IT Operations Platforms, Gartner for Moogsoft, 2016

AIOps, defined as Algorithmic IT Operations by Gartner (and Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations by many vendors), may help IT operations by analyzing large data sets collected from operations tools and hardware via machine learning to find potential issues in real-time. AIOps is a valuable detection system, which reduces noise and delivers immediate insights to the IT operations team. However, leaders must bring a forward-looking mindset to AIOps, as initiatives focused on today’s issues miss strategic opportunities—in this case, opportunities to enhance IT approaches and processes in response to digital transformation. So an IT organization’s AIOps strategy must consider how to help team members handle all event and incident types that may arise from this new detection technology.

Moogsoft, Resolve Systems’ partner, says by leveraging their AIOps platform, “IT organizations can automate and enhance IT operational practices and access continuous insight into the performance of their business services.”

Extend AIOps Coverage with an Incident Resolution Platform

AIOps is best partnered with an incident resolution platform. AIOps focuses on issue identification, and some solutions may even offer automated responses to known events. However, IT operations must be empowered to speed any incident from first awareness to resolution. This requires specialized software that offers complete validation, remediation, and resolution of incidents. Such a platform must have a comprehensive strategy that leverages both automated and human activity to guarantee that all incident types get expedited.

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Organizations will find IT operations faced with new challenges in the digitally transformed business landscape, and AIOps platforms may fill the detection gap. Teams adopting AIOps would be well-advised to consider the benefits of introducing an incident resolution platform to help scale response and resolution activities with this improved detection. Resolve Systems has been deployed by largest enterprises and carriers in mission-critical environments, helping organizations accelerate incident resolution, cut MTTR, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction. The Resolve platform integrates with top AIOps providers, such as Moogsoft, to help bolster the success of IT operations teams through the digital transformation.

Resolve Systems recently hosted a webinar with AIOps powerhouse Moogsoft to discuss the benefits of a joint solution to detect, diagnose, and accelerated resolution. Watch the 26 minute on demand webinar now to learn how to empower your team and enhance their knowledge with people and machines working together.

Extend the Reach of AIOps: 4 Benefits of Automated Detection, Diagnosis and Accelerated Resolution

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