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Automation and Scaling your Business

Automation and Scaling your Business
August 3, 2015 • Resolve Staffer

As incidents grow more complex and infrastructure is expanded either through organic growth or acquisitions, many IT operation teams are forced to learn different technologies with varying degrees of service and network qualities.

Here are three ways to make scaling less cumbersome:


Automating the validation, diagnostics, and resolution of events to minimize incident volume is critical when scaling a business because the more customers you have, the more issues you have across that growing network. Diagnosing those issues can be difficult and problems can be found anywhere in the network so it’s important to be able to identify and resolve them quickly.

Get Connected.

Bringing those disparate systems together into one fully integrated platform accelerates incident resolution. Having connectivity and visibility across the incident ecosystem of existing devices and applications to those you’ve on-boarded through acquisition can simplify that learning curve through a centralized interface for technicians and agents to access across all platforms.

Empower your Front Line Agents.

The more empowered your front line agents are to troubleshoot and solve issues on the first call, the faster incidents are more accurately resolved, minimizing escalations to more senior agents, which translates to a better customer experience. Empowerment comes from Automation and Connectivity.


Columbus Communications needed a tool to keep up with its sophisticated and growing infrastructure as one of the largest triple-play telecommunications companies in the Caribbean. IT leaders at Columbus wanted one tool to fix every issue that fell into the network and a tool that could also grow along with the company. The company empowers lower level agents to diagnose and resolve incidents with automations as part of an interactive resolution guidance process and an intuitive interface that summarizes the results of automated validation leading its teams through to incident resolution faster. Click here to watch the full Columbus Case Study video.


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