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Beyond ITSM: 3 Essentials for Accelerated Incident Resolution

Beyond ITSM: 3 Essentials for Accelerated Incident Resolution
June 27, 2018 • Resolve Staffer

Businesses rely on IT operations to assure the availability of mission-critical services and infrastructure. As incidents continue to pile up, costing organizations massive amounts of money, IT leaders help organize and manage the incidents. These customer-impacting incidents can drive immense costs, damage an enterprise’s brand, and even disrupt revenue-generating ability. An IT service management tool, like ServiceNow, helps improve communications and service levels of enterprise IT organizations.

While less impactful incidents typically occur many times per day, major IT incidents often occur bimonthly or even more frequently. These impairments to business process services and infrastructure create false alerts and escalations. The consequences of downtime to mission-critical applications and systems can be significant, as these incidents limit productivity, disrupt day to day operations, cause customer dissatisfaction, and overall damage brand equity. IT leaders must validate, diagnose, and resolve these incidents faster and more efficiently.

Resolve compliments ServiceNow and other ITSMs by speeding resolution to the most complex IT incidents to maintain service continuity and reduced operational expenditure. Automation is key to this initiative.

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How do you approach automation for incident resolution?

Achieving success with incident resolution automation in ServiceNow, or another ITSM, hinges on having a comprehensive automation strategy that left-shifts workload and integrates and ensures high maintainability.

Extend your investment in your ITSM for faster IT incident resolution by combining it with another cutting-edge solution for the specific challenges of service and infrastructure incidents: Resolve. Certified by ServiceNow and integrated with other global ITSMs, Resolve is a best-of-breed incident resolution platform relied on by the largest global enterprises.

3 Essentials for Incident Resolution

  1. A comprehensive strategy for the simple to the most complex types of IT incidents. Resolve fully automates the validation, diagnosis, and resolution of incidents wherever possible. When human involvement is required, Resolve provides frontline agents interactive, context-specific procedures and embedded automations to speed action through the entire incident lifecycle.
  2. Interoperability with existing IT systems and infrastructure. Resolve provides an extensive library of pre-built integrations to key IT and network systems and applications, enabling automation incident resolution across the entire infrastructure.
  3. Faster time to automation deployment with better maintainability. Resolve comes with a large collection of pre-built automations and procedures for known incident types to help IT get started automating quickly. Resolve also offers a flexible low-code automation builder as well as visual tools for developing interactive automations to dramatically reduce both time to value and cost of ownership

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