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Empower the Service Desk with IT Automation: SITS 2018 Recap

Empower the Service Desk with IT Automation: SITS 2018 Recap
June 11, 2018 • Resolve Staffer

Resolve Systems’ Senior Solution Architect Jocelyn Arcega presented the session “Incident Resolution: Empowering the Service Desk to Do More” to a sold out audience at the Service Desk & IT Support Show (SITS) 2018 event in London on 5 June.

When assessing a solution to empower your L1 agents, ask yourself:

  1. Do you have an ITSM; CMDB; EMS; collaboration tools; and/or knowledge management?
  2. Are you dealing with emails, calls, or tickets for application support; security, IT, or network incidents; and/or password changes and requests?
  3. Are you unable to scale; dealing with staff turnover; unable to completely resolve an issue due to a remote access issue; and/or burdened by recurring requests?

“Most service desks are adding resources or expanding training, but despite these investments are still troubled with high turnover, skill shortages, escalations, and delayed resolution. I’ll be speaking on how to automation can empower the service desk to reduce this costly turnover while increasing employee morale and efficiency. Resolve enables L1’s to achieve resolution without subject matter experts, freeing up everyone’s time with a left-shift approach,” Mr. Arcega explains.

Automation and orchestration can improve performance across the enterprise. With Resolve, front line agents can:

  • Successfully validate, diagnose, and achieve resolution without the need for escalation or changing critical permission settings;
  • Use human-guided automation for process optimization and to execute increasingly complex tasks; and
  • Identify how to reduce cost by decreasing technician time per incident and resolution time

Jocelyn has some tips for service desk and IT support professionals.

“Adopt knowledge, specifically drive knowledge to all parties within the service desk in order to empower and enable and allow people to do their jobs more effectively. The service desk is changing, you should own the change, not suffer it. There is a lot of good tech out there to help you step up your game, look for it before someone else push it on you.”

Read more from Jocelyn’s SITS Q&A interview on the SITS site.


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