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ITSM Pros: Join Resolve Virtually for Cherwell CLEAR 2020

ITSM Pros: Join Resolve Virtually for Cherwell CLEAR 2020
May 6, 2020 • Lindsey Adler, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Today’s service desk analysts are contending with a growing list of challenges. Whether it’s the sea of data they struggle to sort through, keeping up with dynamic infrastructure, improving support for remote workers, outdated CMDBs, thousands of daily alarms, or the expectation to resolve incidents in seconds – it’s a wonder they get any sleep at night!

That’s where AIOps, machine learning, and intelligent automation come in to help put these troubled minds at ease. IT service technicians can harness these powerful technologies to improve operational efficiency, streamline service requests and remote support, reduce MTTR, eliminate alarm noise, and increase performance.

Resolve is exploring practical applications for these technologies today and in the future in our breakout session during Cherwell CLEAR 2020 Europe - Virtual (Catch the live session at 12:30 BST). Resolve is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor of the virtual conference, which is free to attend for all, with sessions available live and on demand.

Join us to see how AIOps and automation can help you tackle today's ITSM challenges, revolutionize the way your IT team operates, and maximize the ROI of your Cherwell investment. We'll be exploring how to automate:

  • Discovery and dependency mapping
  • Real-time updates to your CMDB
  • Service desk requests and remote support, including onboarding, VPN checks, passwords, and more
  • Health checks and proactive maintenance
  • Infrastructure and application provisioning
  • Noise reduction, alarm validation, and root cause analysis
  • Incident resolution procedures
  • And more!

Jumpstart your journey to automation and AIOps and learn how to take your ITSM game to the next level!

Register Now for Cherwell CLEAR 2020 — It's Completely Free!

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About the Author, Lindsey Adler:

Lindsey Adler is Senior Manager of Content Marketing at Resolve. She has produced a wide range of content for IT audiences, primarily as a journalist and editor covering enterprise communications technology for B2B publications. More recently she has cultivated her storytelling skills into communicating brand values through thought leadership in a variety of formats, continuously seeking to connect technology with the human experience.

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