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Knowledge, Wisdom, Automation, Human Talent

Knowledge, Wisdom, Automation, Human Talent
June 29, 2017 • Resolve Staffer

It is said that knowledge is information and wisdom is the application of knowledge.

We live in a tech terrain where the rumblings of AI and automation advances shake up the cornerstones of our foundation, inciting unease in the working class across industries. People are afraid of being replaced.

My team is worried automation will eliminate jobs

As the most mature incident response (IR) platform for IT Operations and Network Operations Centers; and a cyber security force that commands attention in Security Operations, Resolve Systems can attest that automation for IR is naught to be avoided. Automation in the event management space is simply accelerated knowledge to be applied by human talent, using wisdom.

Tom Burton is the Cyber Security Director at KPMG, UK. At a recent executive dinner for gatekeepers directing enterprise IT, NOC and SOC teams, he explained human talent is, and will be, a necessity worth cultivating.

“… Mature organisations are increasingly focusing on how they can drive consistency and efficiency into their security operations, whilst retaining the human insight and decision making where it is required and delivers value. The objective should be to; automate those incidents that are well understood … provide relevant information and decision support to the analyst for incidents that are known but more ambiguous; thereby allowing the analyst to focus more time on those threats that are not known but pose the greatest risk to the business.”

Indeed, knowledge is leveraged by wise application and in the same way automation can be a succinct tool for guidance by human hands.

Free the L2 agents and SMEs up to innovate; relieve them of boring, repetitive escalations

As explained in a previous article, the goal is to capture higher-level subject matter expert’s (SME) wisdom and customize pre-built playbooks around incidents to minimize repetitive and time guzzling IR. It’s about getting your most creative engineers off the hamster wheel, staring at a sea of red, and into a space where they can innovate the big-picture.

“SMEs want to be working on innovative projects that are going to drive new revenue or building out automations and best practices for the others on the [operations] staircase to use. …

“When an incident or event is picked up, or something needs to be done … Prescribe to [L1 agents] an incident-specific or process-specific procedure to follow in an interactive and dynamic fashion. When they reach a point where they need credentials to take a next step, that next step should be automated.”

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Interested in human-guided automation for Incident Response?

To learn more on human-guided automation ROI for incident response, leaders and team trailblazers are invited to come to the Incident Resolutions Summit in Chicago on Wednesday, September 20, 2017.

Incident Resolution Summit Chicago is the fourth global summit of its kind, devoted to executive security orchestration thought leaders and disruptors, to impart insights into latest trends and best practices for enterprise-wide IR and automation lifecycles.

The summit is sponsored by Resolve Systems, the longest-standing international trailblazer in human-assisted automation for event management resolution. To apply to be a speaker, submit your proposal here.

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