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London Executive Dinner: Keep Calm and Incident Response On

London Executive Dinner: Keep Calm and Incident Response On
February 20, 2018 • Resolve Staffer

On 20 February, Resolve Systems hosted IT, network, service desk, and security executives at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant to discuss incident response strategies and best practices.

Michael Hutcheson, Global Head of Systems Enablement at BT – Global Services, kicked off the evening with a brief overview of BT’s digital transformation journey of an engineer centric organization to a centralized service and why they selected Resolve as their incident response automation and orchestration platform.

“It came down to 3 vendors,” said Hutcheson. “Resolve was finally picked because they were the most technically capable.”

The Appetizer – Process Orchestration and Digital Transformation

BT’s vision is that automation by itself is not the solution; automation operating independently poses pitfalls, chaos, and confusion. Success lies in service orchestration ensuring synchronized automation to realize effective outcomes as part of an end-to-end process. In other words, it all comes down to process orchestration.

“We are now in a position to add automation and orchestration to our program where we’re trying to take what we do from an operational perspective – which is managing our customer’s managed networks, routers, switches, firewalls and expands to applications management and service management –to remove the manual, repetitive activity so we can get our agents focused on the complex issues, rather than the simple things which we can automate. This allows us to assign more business without increasing our resources,” Hutcheson continued for the audience.

BT previously presented at the Incident Resolution Summit. Read the blog post for more.

With BT already focused on simplifying an engineer’s environment, the dinner attendees discussed allocating funds for this digital transformation. A recent Forrester report cites the financial services and insurance industry as major spenders on security in particular, and there was talk around how BT is able to achieve their end-to-end process optimization with automation and orchestration technologies and without additional resources.

The Entrée – GDPR & Brexit

Another part of the dinner discourse was the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on UK enterprises. What did they find out about the relationship between Brexit and GDPR? Spoiler alert: They discovered they still need to be compliant despite Brexit!

Working for a UK company, there is a certain lack of clarity of whether Brexit relieves data controllers and security executives from the GDPR headache. Unfortunately, not the case. Resolve Systems’ Global VP Zahi Yaari, told the audience to “think of it as Stay Calm and Carry On… with your GDPR Preparation.”

“Beyond the legalities of what the UK will and won’t implement after Brexit, UK companies need to have the ambition to comply with GDPR because that is how they will be able to conduct business with the rest of Europe,” stated Yaari.

On May 25th, the UK will not have departed the European Union and the GDPR will become domestic law. If, and when, the UK does officially leave the EU, rest assured the UK privacy regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office, is adamant the UK needs some sort of strong and equivalent privacy law in the UK.

“Yes budgets can be tight, technology is moving fast and there’s a race to keep up with competitors. But if you can demonstrate that you have the appropriate systems and thinking in place you will find the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to be a proactive and pragmatic regulator aware of business needs and the real world,” wrote Elizabeth Denham, the UK’s Information Commissioner in her blog post ‘GDPR is not Y2K.’

Want to learn more about the impact of the GDPR to your security operations? Read the Definitive Guide now.

And Dessert – What Attendees Were Left Digesting

After dinner, there was further talk on best practices in IT and security incident response and an engaging Q&A session amongst the attendees. Discussing Resolve’s runbook automation tools and human-guided and closed loop automation, Resolve stands alone as the only enterprise-wide IT and security orchestration and automation tool to accelerate incident response.

Resolve’s agile automation and orchestration platform enables companies like BT to:

  • Incrementally and pragmatically add automation for process optimization
  • Address all incident types – not just the simple use cases
  • Quickly develop and refine automation as business/scope change
  • Allow SMEs to develop and deploy automations
  • Automate across the organization

With executives fully satiated by the meal, bellies full of Italian food, and heads full of automation and orchestration strategies, Resolve Systems would consider the dinner a rousing success; thank you to all who joined in the scintillating conversation.


About the Author, Resolve Staffer:

This post was written by one of the awesome contributors on the Resolve team.

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