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New Resolve App and Add-Ons for Splunk® Enterprise Users

New Resolve App and Add-Ons for Splunk® Enterprise Users
August 9, 2016 • Resolve Staffer

The new Resolve app and add-ons combine the power of Splunk’s data analytics platform with Resolve’s incident response and resolution capabilities featuring human-guided automation and interactive process guidance. The new integration with Splunk® Enterprise Security enables customers to accelerate the resolution of notable events though Resolve’s interactive procedures and automations. First responders to the security event are provided an interactive resolution dashboard to validate, diagnose, and resolve the event through decision trees and human-guided automations. The innovative approach provides security teams an integrated tool to maximize departmental efficiencies and resolve security incidents faster, minimizing risk.

The new Resolve App for Splunk® Enterprise embeds Resolve functionality directly within the Splunk interface. All Resolve functionality for incident resolution is available through familiar Splunk product menus which minimizes clicks and increases productivity for Splunk Users as well as IT and Security Operations teams.

In addition to the new integrations mentioned above, Resolve released a new version of it’s Splunk® Enterprise add-on. IT Operations teams can send Splunk events to Resolve based on predefined queries and criteria. After receiving the event from Splunk, Resolve can execute hands-free automations for resolution or lead agents through a guided process using step-by-step procedures and automations. Resolve also has the ability to proactively query Splunk, either through a named or free form query, to fetch necessary information which assists in accelerating the incident resolution process.

“There is no better union than Splunk and Resolve,” said Martin Savitt, CEO at Resolve Systems. “Combining Splunk’s award-winning IT Operations and Security solutions with our best-in-class Resolution platform provides real value in the marketplace. I’m thrilled to build upon our relationship with Splunk and we will continue to invest heavily in our technology partnership.”

“We are excited to be delivering the Resolve App for Splunk Enterprise,” said Larry Lien, Vice President of Product Marketing, Resolve Systems. “Splunk makes event and machine data actionable and Resolve takes this one step further to provide automations and process guidance to quickly and effectively resolve incidents. It’s a natural partnership that lets joint customers make the most of their Splunk data to accelerate incident resolution.”

Resolve also announced the development of an integration with Splunk’s premium IT Service Intelligence solution. The integration will leverage notable events and event management capabilities from the Service Intelligence solution to run Resolve automations and interactive resolution processes. This development represents further evidence of Resolve System’s commitment to partnering with the most innovative solutions in the marketplace.

Download the Resolve App for Splunk® Enterprise and the Security Add-On for Resolve Systems in Splunkbase, the Splunk app store.


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