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Singapore International Cyber Week: The 3 Things Resolve Systems Showcased at GovWare

Singapore International Cyber Week: The 3 Things Resolve Systems Showcased at GovWare
October 17, 2017 • Resolve Staffer

Resolve Systems exhibited for the first time at the 26th annual GovernmentWare (GovWare) Conference and Exhibition, the region’s most established event for cybersecurity. GovWare is a cornerstone event under the umbrella of Singapore International Cyber Week.

The theme of Singapore International Cyber Week this year, with the upcoming Omnibus legislation and Technology Risk Management (TRM) updating guidelines soon, was Building a Secure and Resilient Digital Future Through Partnership. Featuring the latest trends in technology, organizational implementation, and user perspective, GovWare attracts Resolve customers to network, discuss, and collaborate on all things cybersecurity.

“For governments and organizations to be able to take full advantage of the opportunities of the digital economy, cybersecurity is an essential ingredient,” said the Chief Executive of CSA, Mr. David Koh.

As part of the important security digital landscape, Resolve Systems showcased our security incident response platform to strengthen cybersecurity incident response with end-to-end and human-guided security automation and orchestration.

With the majority of fellow exhibitors focused on detection, protection, monitoring, and incident management, Resolve Systems plays a key role in the cybersecurity landscape of Singapore’s most intricate and elite organizations. As the most widely deployed cybersecurity orchestration software solution on the market, we had three reasons to exhibit at GovWare this year:

  1. Focus on enterprise-wide cybersecurity orchestration – from the NOC to the SOC – to accelerate security incident response and unite cross-department teams. Whether the attendee was part of the Security Operations Team, SOC, or a cybersecurity threat intelligence team, each person discussed a need for a unified and enterprise-wide incident response automation and orchestration platform to cut across operational silos of Security, Network, and IT infrastructure. Many shared similar stories in which their SOC team had limited access to the systems their IT and NOC teams managed, yet needed access or assistance to further investigate or remediate an incident, though there are more tools and alerts than ever. As the global leader of SIR software, we are recognized to be the only Incident Response vendor at GovWare and are already working in the area with customers throughout APAC.
  1. 2018 is going to be a busy year for CISOs and CIOs. With most participants preparing for the upcoming CSA omnibus bill and MAS TRM updates, they are actively looking for and assessing Incident Resolution Orchestration and Automation solutions. Singapore’s companies are embarking on adding automation to their ever evolving IT and security landscape to combat all incidents. The key to a good strategy is to balance investment of resources with the severity of security breaches. With Resolve, incidents with predictable response can be fully automated with end-to-end automation. Other incidents can have a mix of automated and manual response, depending on business case. Discussing how organizations are handling this now, and how best to shorten response times with automation, was a highlight of Resolve Systems at GovWare.
  1. Resolve Systems’ customers are at the forefront of early adoption of cybersecurity automation; Resolve is an important software to address incidents at scale. With standards-based playbooks, out-of-the box integrations, response orchestration, human-guided automation and enterprise-class capabilities, your security teams will be empowered to respond more quickly and efficiently to detected security threats, which continue to be on the rise in Singapore and globally. With Resolve, automation perform specific sub-tasks like gathering diagnostic data or updating tickets and alerts. SOC orchestration is enterprise-wide with guided decision trees for exact response steps or to support human actions across the enterprise.

Concluding Thoughts

The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) are both regulation agencies with a huge emphasis around incident response and the need to improve cybersecurity incident response and remediation. With the upcoming cybersecurity omnibus bill – to be enacted in 2018, but out for public consultation now – Resolve Systems is here to support Singapore’s security operations teams with enterprise-wide automation and orchestration, particularly SOC orchestration. For cybersecurity orchestration, we look forward to working with the organizations and Security Operations Teams of Singapore.

Want more information about Resolve Systems in Singapore? Read the press release here, announcing our new office location!


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