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On the Road with SplunkTrust Member Aleem Cummins

On the Road with SplunkTrust Member Aleem Cummins
November 15, 2016 • Resolve Staffer

Spotlight on Intelligent Human-Guided Automation at the Splunk Community User Group Meeting

Aleem Cummins, Splunk User Group London founder and SplunkTrust Member ran a Community User Group session on Actionable Intelligence Meets Organized Action and Automation at the International Splunk Community User Group Meeting at SplunkLive! Santa Clara this past week.


Aleem elaborated on the obstacles that security operations, IT operations, service mangement and DevOps face admidst the mounds and mounds of data their teams are constantly prioritizing and making actionable.He further amplifies the symbiotic role that actionable intelligence, coordinated human action and automation play in the process and the integral function Resolve and Splunk plays in connecting the data dots and driving incident resolution.

View or Download Aleem’s presentation:

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Aleem Presenting at SplunkLive! Santa Clara

The SplunkLive! events provide a great opportunity for Splunk users to test drive the latest Splunk products, apps and solutions, while hearing about industry best practices and networking with Splunk technical experts partners and fellow Splunk gurus. Resolve Systems, a Giga sponsor for the event ran live demos that showcased how Resolve and Splunk form a powerful combination to detect, investigate, and remediate enterprise security and IT incidents.

Watch the virtual demos on Resolve with Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk IT Service Intelligence.

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