February 24, 2017 • Resolve Staffer

It’s no secret that many security practitioners are skeptical of automation technology and how it integrates with their existing technologies and processes. The security automation and incident response market is in its infancy and is not yet well-defined. Given the different technology providers from the space of detection and remediation all the way through to incident response and automation, it’s often hard to know what’s accurate; it’s even harder to know what solutions to leverage to expedite incident response while maintaining your company’s sensitive security ecosystem. Resolve Systems took a look at some of the most popular beliefs about security automation and put them to the test. Some of these beliefs include:

  1. “All security procedures must be defined before we can automate.”
  2. “My firewalls, endpoint system, and SIEM will save me!”
  3. “Building automations is too difficult… we don’t have the skills or time to automate!”
  4. “My team is my family, I’m not interested in automating jobs away.”
  5. “We’ll be able to run our entire security program using only automation!”

So, are all of these beliefs accurate or can we write them off as myths? Find out in our eBook, Automated Myths Exposed.

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