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Forrester Analyst Report

Forrester Research: Automation Drives The I&O Industrial Revolution

Today, businesses need technology that adapts and scales quickly, reliably, and economically. For I&O pros to meet this need, it’s essential to adopt new tools and skills that will fundamentally transform IT operations. Automation is at the heart of this transformation.

In this report, Forrester lays out the vision for creating a winning automation strategy. Dive deep into their analysis of key tech trends driving automation demand and get insights into:

  • Overcoming the primary roadblocks to automation
  • Avoiding “fool with a tool” traps
  • Optimizing processes and configurations for automation success
  • Developing an aggressive yet pragmatic approach to automation

With the I&O industrial revolution well underway, the people, skills and thinking required to succeed in the new normal are dramatically different from the status quo. Get a jumpstart on immediate actions you can take today with your team — as well as a view into what Forrester thinks the ops pro of 2030 will look like.

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