A Free Trial of Resolve Actions Express Combined With Cisco AppDynamics

Full-stack observability + automated remediation

Resolve Actions Express is the easiest and fastest way to automatically remediate incidents before they become a problem.

Cisco AppDynamics seamlessly integrates with Resolve so you can plug in Resolve automation today. We have combined AppDynamics’ monitoring with automated remediation capabilities so you can go from from visibility to an end-to-end closed loop that eliminates the time wasted and frustration that your IT teams experience when trying to handle incidents with manual back and forth.

This full-featured 30-day trial enables you to not only try but fully experience the power of Resolve Actions Express:

  • Start instantly with a SaaS experience. Simply log in and begin automating instantly, with no heavy client to install.
  • Leverage intelligent automation to create a self-driving IT incident management and remediation solution
  • Accelerate resolution time to mere seconds
  • Better understand the context around infrastructure and applications
  • Quickly and accurately identify the root cause of application and infrastructure issues

The free trial is available for 30 days.

Achieve a fully-optimized, self-healing IT environment