On-Demand Demo: AppDynamics & Resolve

Full-Stack Observability and Auto-Remediation with AppDynamics & Resolve

Did you know that observability and IT automation together can create end-to-end incident remediation?

Addressing today’s complex IT challenges and “keeping the lights on” requires real-time end-to-end visibility across the entire IT ecosystem. It also requires a digital approach that leverages intelligent technology to instantly and automatically remediate incidents before they can become a problem. That’s where AppDynamics and Resolve can help!

In this on-demand demo, you’ll see the powerful integration between AppDynamics and Resolve in action, and how you can achieve:

  • Automation across your day-to-day complex event management workflows, including health alert violations
  • Reduction in time and cost of service outages
  • Data storage and capacity optimization
  • Reliability and speed to remediation
  • A self-healing enterprise

Discover the power of full-stack observability + automated remediation