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Resolve Insights

Full-Stack Infrastructure Visibility in Minutes with Auto Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Holistic Visibility

Visualize your app and infrastructure components all in one place

Agentless Auto-Discovery

Install-free discovery to help you quickly build up your IT inventory

Accelerate Incident Resolution

With alarm data and dependency information, zero in on the root cause in minutes

Keep Up

with Ever-Changing, Dynamic IT Infrastructure

Today the foundation for efficient operations is visibility. IT infrastructure visibility is key to delivering exceptional service, supporting new initiatives, proactively preventing outages and downtimes to ensure business continuity. 

Resolve Insights automatically discovers physical and virtual infrastructure components in hybrid IT environments to ensure IT visibility and oversight across on-premises data centers to public cloud. Resolve Insights can discover storage, networks, bare metal servers, hypervisors, IP subnets, and cloud services along with mapping application dependencies. 

Key Benefits

Most Trusted Auto-Discovery & Dependency Mapping Solution

Full Visibility

Discover and map applications and infrastructure components across hybrid IT environments

Save Time

Eliminate countless hours of manual work and human error

Unify Your View

Access all your CI data in one place through a single pane of glass

Ensure Accuracy

Rest assured that your CMDB is always populated with the latest discovery and dependency details

Gauge Impact

Quickly quantify the business impact of outages to ensure stakeholders are informed and issues are correctly prioritized

Improve MTTR

Accelerate incident response with deep visibility and root-cause analysis

Increase Performance

Improve application and infrastructure performance and uptime

Improve Change Management

Make changes confidently and safely with full context

Reduce Costs

Eliminate unnecessary or underutilized CIs to save money

Improve Compliance

Identify unknown CIs that pose a risk and auto-generate reports for your auditors that offer the full visibility they require

Agentless Auto-Discovery

Quickly identify compute, network, and storage Configuration Items (CIs) in your environment

  • Intelligently scan subnets or user-input boundaries to quickly build IT asset inventory
  • Automatically fill in the details about each entity, such as vendor make, model, platform, configuration, IP address, and more
  • Slice and dice data by device type or IP address range, in custom filtered groups, or in a tabular list view
  • Scale to hundreds of thousands of devices with real-time visibility you need to quickly troubleshoot problems

Application Dependency Mapping

Visualize your applications and your infrastructure to get a holistic view of dependencies

  • Automatically discovers complex, distributed applications regardless of where they reside
  • Map application services flows to underlying infrastructure, including discovery of hybrid infrastructure topology
  • Benefit from a proprietary clustering algorithm to dynamically discovers collections of interconnected app flows.
  • Group application flows together to create a single pane of glass for each business-critical app
  • Visualize the relationships between application components and offer fault and alert overlays to pinpoint issues impacting apps

Streamline Incident Response

Accelerate incident resolution with a clear view of your application and infrastructure

  • Create Multi-Layer Topology Maps & See All Your CIs in One Place
  • Overlay fault, performance alerts, and tickets right on top of the topology to help identify root cause and see what’s happening in your infrastructure
  • Visualize the impact of infrastructure outages and slowdowns on business-critical applications, helping you prioritize what needs attention
  • Streamline incident response with application dependency data and visualizations to help you quickly diagnose the root cause of issues


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