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Find it with Splunk. Fix it with Resolve.

Avoid alert fatigue and accelerate incident resolution by combining two powerful technologies.

Operations teams can improve efficiency and service delivery by adding Resolve to their Splunk installation. With Resolve, Splunk Enterprise and ITSI users can validate events automatically and resolve incidents faster than ever. This is made possible by Resolve’s end-to-end and HumanGuided automation. Resolve tackles event validation, incident diagnosis, and resolution automatically whenever possible. When operators need to get involved, Resolve provides automated diagnostics, along with user-friendly results, step-by-step procedures, and interactive automations to accelerate every incident and minimize escalation.

Focus Resources on Real Incidents

Protect the team’s productivity by eliminating false and transient alarms through automated validation.

Diagnose Incidents Faster

When you can’t fully automate resolution, empower agents with a view of automated diagnostics.

Reduce Incident Escalations

Give agents troubleshooting instructions with embedded automations to help resolve incidents without direct access to critical systems.


Featured Use Cases:

Automatically resolve infrastructure incidents, such as:

  • High Virtual Host Resource Utilization
  • High Storage Disk Utilization Incident
  • Server Hardware Failure Incident
  • Cloud Services Performance Incident

Automatically address core service incidents, such as:

  • Web Service Incident
  • Database Incident
  • Application Incident

Automatically resolve business process incidents, such as:

  • Customer Portal Outage
  • Retail Systems Incident
  • Bank Branch Mobile Application Incident

Automatically manage authentication and credentials, including:

  • User On-boarding/Termination
  • Grant Access to Applications
  • Reset User Passwords

NOTE: For all ITSI events, Resolve validates the alert, creates and/or updates incidents and updates the event