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451 Research Report: Overcoming IT Challenges with Automation

451 Research Report: Overcoming IT Challenges with Automation

New Research Shows that Organizations Are Increasingly Embracing Automation to Tackle Complexity, the Skills Gap, and Overburdened Workloads

With emerging technologies like hybrid cloud and containers, IT teams are better able to deliver support for important business goals, including faster innovation, reduced costs and more reliable services. However, these new tools and environments also create new challenges for IT professionals, who are taking on more work while their teams are not growing. In addition, they’re struggling to keep up with the skills required to manage the new technologies.

To help relieve these pressures, 451's recent research shows that IT organizations are increasingly embracing automation in an effort to both close the skills gap and lighten the workload. These organizations often also realize other benefits from automation, including improved service reliability and even reduced costs.

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