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7 Automations Every IT Team Should Prioritize: Panel Discussion

7 Automations Every IT Team Should Prioritize: Panel Discussion

IT teams face a myriad of operational challenges right now. Some have intensified in the wake of the pandemic. Others are brand new. And some remain status quo.

The conundrum persists: How do you deliver quality IT services faster and accelerate digital transformation initiatives without increasing costs or headcount? Tune in to our panel webcast, featuring Fujitsu's Angela Abbot, Strategy & Capability Owner for Automation & Analytics, to see how forward-thinking enterprises are addressing these challenges with automation.

We explore 7 automations that we think every IT team should prioritize in order to overcome common hurdles, including:

  • Lack of visibility across systems, environments and tools
  • Inconsistent processes across departments and teams
  • Difficulty meeting KPIs and expectations for perfect reliability and performance
  • Increasing alarm noise and data volumes
  • Rising MTTR and support costs
  • Supporting the rapid shift to work-from-home and overcoming challenges stemming from distributed IT teams, including governance and process issues

Watch the On Demand Webcast and download the presentation to get real-world insights into how automation can help you optimize resources, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

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