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How Automation is the Superpower Driving Successful AIOps

Watch EMA Research Director Valerie O’Connell in this on-demand webcast to dig into her newly published findings about how automation drives AIOps success.

New research from EMA shines light on the integral role that automation plays across the many possible AIOps use cases. The relationship is a natural pairing after all: AI and ML make sense of complex data to enable actions, which are ripe for automation.

Not only has AIOps come into its own with organizations experiencing tangible benefits, but those that have prioritized AIOps alongside automation report that value being significantly amplified with a multiplier effect on both capabilities. In fact, asked to rate the success of AIOps investments to date, 100% of EMA’s survey respondents chose some variety of success, with 77% reporting they are extremely or very successful.

EMA Research Director Valerie O’Connell digs into her newly published findings, with Resolve’s Marcus Rebelo adding commentary from his real-world experience about the high-level trends as he sees them playing out.

Watch the webcast for research-driven insights into:

  • Operational IT and business benefits from AIOps, along with organizational and process impact across functional areas
  • AIOps use case prioritization and the role automation plays in adding value
  • The relationship of AIOps maturity to success rates, value, automation, and both toolset and platform consolidation
  • The transformational impact that AIOps can have on the relationship between IT and other parts of the business

Enjoy this interactive discussion contextualizing the latest data from AIOps practitioners with key considerations to take back to your teams.

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