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Build Your Automation KPI Dashboard

Measure the value of automation by learning to build an automation KPI Dashboard with this on-demand webcast.

Measuring, sharing, and communicating the value of automation is critical for the long-term success of your automation initiatives. It helps you secure the cross-functional support required to scale. But that’s not all... metrics can also inform your strategic roadmap and help you determine what to automate next based on forecasted returns.

Today, automation benefits go beyond the obvious cost savings measurements. In fact, automation also delivers measurable increases in things like customer satisfaction, employee happiness, accelerated service delivery, and lower ticket volumes. Quantifying these benefits is equally as important as measurements like time savings, efficiency gains, improved MTTR, increased performance, and cost reductions.

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to quantifying automation ROI. So which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should you track? How do you decide which ones are important for your organization? What should your automation dashboard look like?

Tune into this on-demand webcast as Resolve and T4S partners explore:

  • Examples of real-world automation KPI dashboards
  • Tips and processes to help you build your own dashboards
  • Key metrics you should consider tracking and why
  • Selecting the right KPIs for your IT organization
  • Methodologies for quantifying the value of automation
  • Continuous evaluation to ensure you are measuring what matters
  • Leveraging KPIs to identify the best automation candidates to target for development
  • How to achieve “hockey stick” growth in your automation ROI

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