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Bloor Spotlight: Automation Excellence

Bloor Spotlight: Automation Excellence

In an extremely competitive and fast-moving business environment, making the space and time to innovate effectively and safely is hard to find. That's why forward-thinking companies are turning to Automation Centers of Excellence as a way of ensuring innovative forms of automation are tested and brought into operation in a timely, thoughtful and standardized manner.

Recognition is growing that a CoE is highly advantageous to the bottom line for a variety of reasons. Download this Bloor Spotlight Report to learn more about the role and benefits of a CoE, along with an outline of the key components for building and running one.

Gain actionable insights into:

  • Securing strong executive sponsorship to maximize ROI
  • Creating a strategic framework for your CoE that builds the business case
  • The technologies that are enabling this new era of automation
  • Measurements of success and developing a balanced scorecard that takes in a range of KPIs specific to your organization
  • Bringing together a cross-discipline team and fostering the culture to progress automation initiatives

Grab your copy of the Spotlight Report on Automation Excellence today to ensure your organization thrives for 2021 and beyond!

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