Case Study

Cable and Wireless Case Study

Cable and Wireless Case Study

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Cable & Wireless Communications implemented the Resolve Platform to stop the ping-pong effect which often occurs when L1 engineers have to escalate incidents to L2 and L3 engineers for resolution instead of being empowered to directly and timely impact the customer support process themselves.

Cable & Wireless Communications Objective
Cable & Wireless Communications was looking for a robust solution to provide all engineers, L1 to L3, with a common toolset empowering frontline customer service reps to prevent escalations and resolve calls faster.

Resolve Systems Solution
Resolve has consistently been able to quickly validate, diagnose and troubleshoot Cable & Wireless Communications’ network incidents resulting in reduced response times because L1 agents are now empowered to resolve customer issues on the first call.

Cable & Wireless Communications Objectives with Resolve Systems

Provide integrated, single screen to diagnose and resolve issues (remove “swivel chair”)
Leverage Resolve’s Dashboard for visual consolidation of service health, billing summary, event monitoring, customer engagement support, outage alerts
Speed up CSRs to enable answering as many calls as possible by providing as much information as possible prior to connection between the CSR and customer

About Cable & Wireless Communications
Cable & Wireless Communications is an International Business Corporation (IBC) incorporated in 2004 under the Companies Act of Barbados. Privately held, Cable & Wireless Communications is a diversified telecommunications company and its core business includes providing cable television services‚ digital video, high speed internet access‚ digital telephony, and corporate data services (retail). Through the deployment and operation of an undersea and terrestrial fiber optic cable network, Cable & Wireless Communications also provides telecom capacity and IP services to large international telecom carriers, internet service providers and other value added service providers (wholesale). It operates in 42 countries throughout the greater Caribbean, Andean and Central America region.

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