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Customer Spotlight: CenturyLink Enables Innovation in Incident Response and Resolution

Chris Carson, Manager of Technologies and Network Systems Management Organization at CenturyLink, shares how his team implemented Resolve to automate alarm handling, trouble ticketing, triage, intelligent decision making and dispatch operations. Key challenges that Resolve helped CenturyLink address included:

  • Too much manual work in the NOC and having to touch a plethora of systems and devices
  • They were only getting to a small percentage of their critical alarms and almost zero of their major alarms
  • Disparate systems were neither unified nor governed and were all in multiple software languages with no way to orchestrate them

With Resolve, CenturyLink saw decreased Average Alarm Acknowledgement time from 1,800 minutes to one minute. Watch and see the additional results that led CenturyLink to expand Resolve into other areas of its business.