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On-Demand Webcast + Slides: End Your CMDB Saga with AIOps + Automation

On-Demand Webcast + Slides: End Your CMDB Saga with AIOps + Automation

Watch Our Webcast and Download the Slide Presentation for a Brief History of the CMDB & a Recipe for (Finally) Getting It Right!

The CMDB has been around for decades, creating heartache and misery for the IT people tasked with maintaining it. Originally implemented to help track and manage ever-changing IT assets, more often than not, the CMDB is outdated the moment the last keystrokes are made, defeating the purpose.

Watch our webcast with Resolve partner, Excalibur Data Systems, exploring the checkered past of the CMDB and how new technologies are helping it overcome its bad reputation while ushering in a new era.

We chat about:

  • The origins of the CMDB
  • How the CMDB has evolved over the last 40 years
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly: tales of CMDBs past
  • Why getting your CMDB right is so important (and so difficult)
  • Overcoming CMDB hurdles
  • Leveraging new technologies to achieve an accurate, up-to-date CMDB
  • Best practices for getting your CMDB right and keeping it right
  • Laying the cornerstone for advancing automation and AIOps initiatives

Check out this informative walk down memory lane with expert insights into how you can finally get your CMDB where it needs to be.

About Excalibur Data Systems:
Excalibur Data Systems is a boutique services delivery company specializing in ITSM and ESM solutions. They have been an authorized Cherwell partner since 2007 and have over a decade of experience delivering ITSM/ESM solutions and supporting technologies across hundreds of implementations. Learn more at or follow Excalibur on Twitter @ExcaliburData.

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