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Analyst Report

EMA Research: Data-Driven IT Automation — A Vision for the Modern CIO

EMA Research: Data-Driven IT Automation — A Vision for the Modern CIO

The latest research by EMA indicates that it’s finally time to engage IT organizations in a discussion about how to make their automation investments more unified, more integrated, and more strategic.

EMA surveyed 400+ IT professionals in Q1 of 2020 to understand the objectives, issues, technologies, and organizational dimensions surrounding automation adoption in the present and the future.

EMA targeted four key use cases:

  1. Problem, incident, and availability management
  2. Configuration, change, and capacity management
  3. DevOps
  4. Application performance and workload optimization

Download the report to gain valuable insights into:

  • Why the linkage between AIOps and automation is becoming increasingly more significant
  • How combining AIOps and automation supports more progressive levels of automation, more unified approaches to automation, and more effective outcomes
  • Which evolutionary factors most strongly align with automation maturity and effectiveness
  • What benefits to expect from more unified automation
  • Best practices for automation success

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