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Resolve IT with Automation: Demo Office Hours

Resolve IT with Automation: Demo Office Hours

In a recent contest sponsored by Resolve, we invited our audience to submit their most challenging IT tasks.

Of the many amazing submissions we received, four winners were chosen. Each winning entry was awarded a prize pack as well as an opportunity to see their challenge solved by our experts through intelligent IT automation.

Now you can see these popular use cases on-demand. The four IT automations we demonstrated include:

How to Automate Certificate Renewals
Submitted by Peter Curry, ITIL Expert at Pacific Life Insurance

Challenge: Expired certificates that are not addressed in a timely manner can cause potential business disruption. Manually renewing, testing and applying updated certificates may be no big deal for one system, but when you’re working with a multitude of different systems within a complex infrastructure, it becomes tedious and cumbersome.

Solution: An automated process that generates, tests and applies certificates to the sub production environments and then creates change cases for production deployments.

How to Automate Datacenter Application Disaster Recovery Failover
Submitted by Dileep Moudgalya, a Developer at FIS Global

Challenge: Disaster recovery failovers ensure that if something goes wrong at one site, a business can fall back on everything that’s set up for another, preventing disruption. Manually, this process is difficult, time-consuming and costly, which leads many businesses to cut corners, leaving them vulnerable to a potential catastrophe.

Solution: In this solution, we demonstrate the automated DR failover process of the datacenter application. Shifting this tedious process from human to machine dramatically saves time, slashes costs and ensures that everything remains up to date at all times.

How to Automate OS Patching
Submitted by Jossen Thomas, Enterprise Administrator at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Challenge: Timely patching of various operating systems ensures that an organization remains ahead of potential security threats. Doing this manually, especially on largely unmanaged systems, can leaving the network much more vulnerable to malware and other cyber risks.

Solution: Automating OS patching ensures that any concerns are detected and addressed immediately, providing a stronger defense against potential attacks. It also frees up IT staff to apply their skills to more meaningful tasks.

How to Automate VM Creation and Modification
Submitted by Vignesh Venkateswaran, IT Automation Engineer at KLA

Challenge: Manual creation and ongoing modification of virtual machines is a laborious process that can also be prone to error.

Solution: Automation of the entire process, from creation to maintenance, using chatbots powered by intelligent automation for a seamless self-service experience.

Each demo lasts between 15-30 minutes.

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