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How to Democratize IT Operations with No-Code Automation – Tech Talk

Learn How to Democratize IT Operations with No Code Automation

Gartner predicts that citizen developers will outnumber professional developers at large enterprises by at least four times by 2023. This paradigm shift promises to ease excessive development workloads for overstretched IT teams, so they can focus on more strategic projects that advance digital transformation and broader business objectives.

While innovation is accelerated through this democratization of IT, wide ranging efficiencies are unlocked to save time and valuable resources. But are no-code automation tools for real?

Watch our on-demand Tech Talk webcast to explore how Resolve delivers on the potential for no code automation to dramatically transform IT operations.

You'll see:

  • Why no-code automation provides enterprises a cost-effective competitive advantage
  • A demo of how quickly and easily you can create a fully automated end-to-end process with Resolve’s no-code designer
  • How re-usable blocks of automation content create a scalable foundation for rapidly accelerating automation ROI

Catch this glimpse into how Resolve Actions democratizes automation across IT to meet the business outcomes that next-gen enterprises need to thrive.

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