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EMA Research: A Four-Stage Maturity Model for IT Automation

EMA Research: A Four-Stage Maturity Model for IT Automation

As IT organizations are now constantly enmeshed in changing business needs, automation has become ever more relevant and necessary. EMA Research has formulated in-depth guidelines and best practices for IT automation adoption based on current trends identified in its latest survey of IT professionals.

The resulting IT Automation Maturity Model aligns along three vectors in each phase: technology, process, and organization. Strategically leveraging these vectors forms the foundation for accelerating through maturity from reactive to active, proactive, and dynamic automation stages.

This report provides crucial guidance to usher your automation initiatives through quick wins in a strategic, phased approach.

Get the report to gain valuable insights into:

  • The pervasive roadblocks that impact IT automation maturity at all levels
  • How the role of IT in the business transforms as automation maturity progresses
  • The relationship between digital transformation initiatives and IT automation
  • How unique use cases drive automation with AIOps increasingly informing the process
  • When end user experience becomes a key focal point and customer experience rises
  • Shifting agile and self-healing IT goals from aspirational to reality

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