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EMA Research: How Automation, AI and Analytics Are Reinventing ITSM

EMA Research: How Automation, AI and Analytics Are Reinventing ITSM

Curious to know how automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics are redefining the role of ITSM in business innovation and service delivery? EMA surveyed 400 IT executives and professionals to find out.

Download this new research report to see what EMA's study reveals about the relationship between digital transformation and enabling technologies as they converge in ITSM. Starting with the service desk as a central point of departure, the research takes a look at the state of automation, AI, and predictive analytics and how they are being applied to use cases like incident response, service requests, problem resolution, support cases, and broader levels of enterprise service management (ESM).

You'll gain insights into:

  • How digital transformation is increasingly blurring the line between IT and the business and, in turn, changing the role of ITSM
  • How ITSM's ongoing evolution and increasing levels of automation and AI are impacting organizational structures and necessary skillsets
  • What role enterprise service management (ESM) is playing in the adoption of automation and AI
  • Which IT use cases are driving the adoption of automation and AI technologies
  • The real-world (vs perceived) benefits organizations are achieving with automation and AI
  • Common obstacles to automation and AI implementation
  • Emerging adoption patterns for automation and AI to spark your imagination

Download the report today to see how your automation and AI initiatives stack up to EMA’s survey findings, plus get valuable insights to help hone your automation and ITSM strategy.

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