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Today’s workforce is seeking more than just good compensation. They want cutting-edge technology that enables them to do their jobs more effectively. Delivering on this requires an investment, not only in the underlying technology itself, but also in the overall end-user experience.

In recognition of this, savvy ITOps leaders are fundamentally changing the way they service their internal customers. This metamorphosis requires a shift from:

  • Reactive problem solving to proactive remediation
  • Long queues to common interaction automation
  • Limited feedback to total end-user experience journeys

To make this vision a reality, operations teams must focus on the right technologies that will help them automate processes, avoid common pitfalls and gain a more accurate understanding of experience drivers.

In this report, Forrester analysts outline the seven foundational tools that provide operations teams with those capabilities. They also highlight some positive results shared by others in the field.

Discover how your ITOps team can embrace automation and analytics to deliver maximum employee satisfaction. Download your complimentary copy today.

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