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Forrester Research: Design Automation to Respect Employee Psychology

Forrester's latest report about Design Automation to Respect Employee Psychology

As humans and machines continue to work together in more sophisticated ways, the need to design and deploy automations that don’t degrade employee psychology becomes even more evident.

In this report, Forrester helps readers counter the negative effects of automation by using four key concepts.

Take a deep dive and gain critical insight into:

  • How to turn employees into creators of automation
  • Leveraging employee monitoring without making people feel “watched”
  • Adapting automation based on employee preferences
  • Prioritizing education and communication for improved buy-in

Organizations want to build automations to meet business goals of efficiency, quality, and customer experience. The best way to do this successfully and meet business goals is to address and overcome the psychological effects automation can have on workers.

Get a sneak peek at how your employees may be feeling about automation and what you can do to bridge the gap in your organization.

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