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Future of Work: Power Self-Service with Automation + ChatOps & Virtual Agents

transform tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack into powerful self-service agents

The future of work is undoubtedly remote. While offices won’t cease to exist, how we use them will look dramatically different in a post-pandemic world. Hybrid models where employees are split across remote and in-person environments will likely be the norm. How can IT best support this future workforce, along with customers whose have embraced online channels like never before?

As supporting channel shift and improving digital experience continue to be critical initiatives for IT leaders, ChatOps and virtual agents offer a compelling path to success — especially when combined with automation. These solutions provide remote users and customers alike with multichannel, self-service options to complete service requests on their own (and in doing so improve satisfaction), while easing the burden on thinly stretched service desks.

In this webcast, we show you how you can transform existing tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack into powerful self-service agents. We also show you how virtual agents that employee natural language processing (NLP) can take it to the next level, as well as how to go beyond basic tasks (like password resets) to automate more complex processes and handle a broader spectrum of service requests, from incident response to on-demand provisioning and beyond.

Watch our webcast to:

  • Explore how the future of work and channel shift will impact IT teams
  • Discover how you can to combine ChatOps and virtual agents with automation to support a remote workforce and improve digital experience
  • See real-world examples of how to use common tools like Slack and MS Teams — as well as virtual agents and even voice assistants like Alexa — to automate a variety of tasks and processes
  • Gain insight into how next-gen technologies like NLP, AI, and ML can make more advanced automation possible in self-service environments

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