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Case Study

HTC Network Automation Case Study

HTC leverages the Resolve Actions intelligent automation platform for network automation.

Severe weather in South Carolina comes with the territory, and for a local communications service provider like HTC, that translates to service outages for the internet, streaming video, phone, and wireless networks it provides to predominantly rural communities.

When these events strike, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at HTC faces enormous pressure not only to maintain services, but to prioritize customer support efforts and restore services as quickly as possible. Successfully achieving these goals required an intelligent automation platform to provide actionable monitoring and reporting on the many different devices that HTC maintains.

The Resolve Actions intelligent automation platform was implemented to perform proactive network testing, capturing detailed health and diagnostic information that is then used to build dynamic reporting maps for a wide range of equipment, including power, cable modems, generators, DLC batteries, and more.

Check out the case study to learn more about HTC's network automation.

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