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Bloor Hot Report: Hybrid Infrastructure Management

Bloor Hot Report: Hybrid Infrastructure Management

Enterprise IT is overloaded with monitoring tools and data. In a survey by Dimensional Research, 71% of companies reported having at least five infrastructure monitoring tools, yet 86% still experienced two or more business-impacting outages per year. Other studies put the average number of monitoring tools for large enterprises at more than 50!

With the customer experience today directly correlated to performance and reliability, IT operations is under the gun to ensure critical applications and systems are always on and performing optimally – and that in the event of an outage, they can be restored ASAP. Hybrid Infrastructure Management (HIM) leverages advanced correlation algorithms, machine learning and predictive analytics to provide the insights and dashboards required to make it happen.

Download the Bloor report to learn more about:

  • How HIM differs from traditional application and network performance management tools
  • How HIM can help you achieve a single pane of glass across your tools and technology stacks
  • Why you should choose vendor- and technology-agnostic tools for long-term success

See how you can harness HIM to avoid finger pointing between developers and technicians, reduce MTTR, and deliver an amazing digital experience for your internal and external customers. Download the report today!

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