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What the Heck is Hyperautomation & Why Should You Care?

Resolve's What is Hyperautomation Webcast provides advice from bestelling-author Isaac Sacolick.

Today’s IT leaders are tasked with keeping the lights on legacy systems while migrating to modern cloud-native microservice architectures to enable robust and efficient support services. Juggling these demands might seem impossible, but hyperautomation is here to help. Learn how and gain in-the-trenches advice from veteran CIO and digital transformation leader Isaac Sacolick.

Watch the webcast on demand to explore what hyperautomation means, and how it can enable reliable applications, superior customer service, dependable employee experiences, high-performing systems, and compliant practices.

You’ll discover how hyperautomation:

  • Connects operational insights to actions to deliver reliable systems and high performing applications
  • Leverages machine learning to accelerate incident recovery and accurate root cause analysis
  • Automates discovery and dependency mapping (DDM) services to achieve CMDB accuracy across private and public clouds
  • Enables low-code and self-documenting automations to reduce repetitive tasks
  • Simplifies change and incident management with reliable data from a DDM-powered CMDB and alerts correlated with AIOps

Check out this deep dive into how hyperautomation is converging with multicloud and ITSM for a radical evolution in IT operations.

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