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How to Identify, Optimize, & Prepare Processes for Automation

Watch the webcast on demand to learn how to identify, optimize and prepare processes for automation.

Proven Frameworks & Methodologies to Help You Succeed

The more processes you automate, the more value you’ll reap from your automation platform. Scaling automation quickly and effectively requires a systematic approach to identifying, optimizing, and preparing processes for automation that can be replicated many times over. In fact, establishing such a methodology is a key pillar for every Automation Center of Excellence.

In this webcast, the Automation Ninjas from our professional services team show you how to standardize your approach to process automation and run effective automation workshops. They share the best practices and frameworks they use every day, as well as offer insights into key considerations, who to include, and how to identify critical data sources.

Watch the webcast to explore:

  • How to identify and evaluate the most valuable processes to automate
  • Determining and documenting the high-level steps required to automate a process
  • Capturing tribal knowledge systematically
  • Identifying and integrating appropriate data sources
  • Scoping the time and effort to automate a process
  • Best practices for process optimization in advance of automation
  • Collecting candidates for automation from across your organization

You’ll walk away with tools, tips, and frameworks to run your own workshops and scale your automation initiatives.

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