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New EMA Analyst Report: IT Automation at the Speed of Humanity

New EMA Analyst Report: IT Automation at the Speed of Humanity

In their latest report on automation, EMA determined that "Resolve strongly checks many of the boxes that EMA research and field experience show enterprises look for in an IT automation solution."

Get the full report to see the highlights EMA reported from real Resolve customer environments and how Resolve's approach to automation matches the needs of today's ITOps, NetOps, and SecOps teams while overcoming common automation hurdles.

You'll get EMA's take on how Resolve performs on three critical factors required for automation to succeed, including:

  • People: "From a human perspective, Resolve is accessible for organizations at every level of automation readiness. Automation, knowledge, and purposeful human touch, combined with ease of use that is designed for real people, make Resolve adoptable as well as adaptable."
  • Technology: "The fact that Resolve leverages existing investments in technology and domain specific automations without disruption positions the platform as an IT-friendly way to unify the enterprise automation ecosystem."
  • Process: "Resolve’s most basic value proposition is as old as the wheel: 'Do more with less... and repeat.' The newness here is the speed and radical effectiveness that Resolve enables. The C-suite audience will find the quantifiable savings compelling from the start, and even more impressive as the value mounts with increased uses over time."

Download the report today to review the comprehensive findings.

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