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EMA Research: AIOps & the Automation Handshake

EMA Research: AIOps & the Automation Handshake

No doubt you have heard the buzz about AIOps. But with so much hype, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what AIOps is all about and why you should care… not to mention how it should plug into your automation and analytics ecosystem to maximize impact.

Watch this on-demand webcast where Dennis Drogseth, Vice President of Research, presents findings from four recent studies conducted by EMA Research. Get real-world insights into:

  • Top use cases addressed by AIOps
  • Top benefits realized from AIOps and automation adoption
  • How AIOps can assimilate monitoring data from all your tools
  • Integrating robust automation with AIOps
  • Impacts to digital war rooms and ITSM
  • Common roadblocks and advice on overcoming them
  • Adoption benchmarks — see how you compare!

Gain new perspectives on digital transformation, plus best practices for deploying and operationalizing AIOps in tandem with automation initiatives.

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