Podcast: How to Evaluate an Enterprise-Wide Automation Solution

Lee Bonham has successfully rolled out automation across an enterprise. An IT process automation expert, he implemented Resolve for a global $5B company and started small with just 4 use cases in 4 weeks.

In this brief 7-minute podcast, Bonham is joined by Steve Bulman of Resolve Systems in outlining how to select an automation vendor to reduce tickets by 50%.

Lee’s advice includes:

  • Know your automation scope and start with a few use cases
  • Push the technology with the most business critical use cases to achieve ROI within 6 months
  • When rolling out an enterprise-wide automation initiative, start shallow but make sure the technology can go deep
  • Make sure the automation software has plug and play functionality for ease of use

Listen to Lee’s critical advice to see how he successfully deployed automation to reduce MTTR by 80%.

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