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Slay Your CMDB Demons & Climb the IT Operational Maturity Ladder

Slay Your CMDB Demons & Climb the IT Operational Maturity Ladder

Getting your CMDB right is a cornerstone of IT success. Without it you lack the visibility required to quickly troubleshoot and fix problems – or to make changes confidently and safely.

If your organization is like most, keeping your CMDB accurate and current is a major challenge. Manual updates are not the answer — and attempting to map out connections between systems, applications, and infrastructure by hand guarantees negative outcomes.

As your company becomes more mature and efficient, the need for an auto-discovery and dependency mapping tool becomes greater. With auto-discovery and dependency mapping, you can keep your CMDB totally updated without lifting a finger. Say goodbye to stale, outdated data and manual changes!

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • The role your CMDB plays in efficient and mature IT service management
  • How your CMDB impacts incident response and change management
  • Methodologies for maintaining your CMDB
  • Advances in auto-discovery and dependency mapping technologies
  • Building a strong foundation for future AIOps initiatives

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