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Resolve Systems Accelerates Security Incident Response: ESG Lab

Resolve Systems Accelerates Security Incident Response: ESG Lab

ESG Lab performed hands-on testing of Resolve Systems’ enterprise-wide security incident response, orchestration, and automation platform on a live production network. In this particular test, ESG accessed Resolve directly from the Splunk Enterprise Security dashboard and was able to completely walk through a guided resolution process in less than 5 minutes.

Read the brief now to see how ESG used Resolve to quickly respond to a cybersecurity threat from detection to response and resolution by:

  • Validating a genuine phishing threat
  • Triggering appropriate procedures to automatically block the outside sender and bad URLs
  • Informing all affected internal users of the attack
  • Customizing a playbook with just a few drag and drop clicks

Learn more about ESG’s impressions of how Resolve enables enterprise-wide triage and resolution of complex security incidents across all IT infrastructure.

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