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Security Automation & Orchestration Needs a Unified Platform

Security Automation & Orchestration Needs a Unified Platform

Today’s Security Operations Centers are inherently at risk. Plagued with skill shortages and increasing incident volume, CISOs need to counteract widespread threats—like phishing, exfiltration, ransomware and lost devices—fast. A unified Security Incident Response Platform helps expedite your response by optimizing processes and empowering your security team.

Some key capabilities your security team needs include:

  1. Built-in case management. A single point of response orchestration allows security teams to work faster and most effectively
  2. Process orchestration workflows. Reduce handoff errors and latency with mapped workflow templates and active-response playbooks
  3. Human-guided automation. Save time and ensure correct decisions during a live security incident, when seconds count and critical choices must be made

Are you ready for a platform that accelerates the security incident lifecycle across technical teams?

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