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Splunk Adaptive Response and Resolve Demo

Now a member of the Splunk® Adaptive Response initiative, Resolve fully integrates with Splunk Adaptive Response to provide a process-driven and automated approach to incident response. Security experts have access to Resolve’s standards-based playbooks, process guidance, human-guided and closed loop automation. Demo highlights include a preview of:

  • How notable event details pass from Splunk to Resolve via the Adaptive Response action
  • An Incident Response use case for Phishing and a detailed analysis of the investigation
  • Resolve’s single pane of glass view into the resolution record
  • The Resolve dashboard and notable events record which includes: investigation activities, notes, artifacts, automation results, and a detailed auto log

Watch Sean Albright, Resolve Engineer, demonstrate how Resolve’s human-guided and closed-loop automation reduces the amount of time it takes organizations to investigate, contain and remediate security incidents.