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Recalibrating IT Priorities for a Post-Pandemic World

Panel Webcast Recalibrating IT Priorities

IT priorities saw a complete shake-up in 2020 with the challenges and changing dynamics posed by the pandemic. As IT leaders look toward 2021 with this newfound perspective, what's on the horizon as they plan for another year of uncertainty?

We rounded up an expert panel to share their insights. Editor-in-Chief of eWeek Chris Preimesberger explores the many facets of this topic with Emmet B. Keeffe III, Insight Partners Operating Partner and Founder of Insight Ignite; Sam Gilliland, Cherwell CEO; Satin Mirchandani, FireMon CEO; and Vijay Kurkal, Resolve CEO.

The panel discusses:

  • Which initiatives to prioritize for 2021, and which ones to put on the back burner
  • Where IT execs are making their big strategic bets with resources and investments
  • Which pandemic challenges have abated and which continue to hinder IT teams
  • Which technologies are surging and which ones we will see less of in 2021
  • What process changes, restructuring, and new skillsets will be required to succeed in the year ahead
  • Practical tips and advice for the IT teams in the trenches
  • How IT leaders should be developing their 2021 plans

Check out this dynamic discussion to guide your planning for another year of unprecedented and constant change.

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