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Forrester Research: Five Practical Applications of AIOps & Automation That Deliver Immediate Value

Five Practical Applications of AIOps & Automation That Deliver Immediate Value

There’s a lot of buzz around AIOps and automation, but separating the hype from reality can be a challenge – especially when functionality varies radically from solution to solution, despite the similarity in their marketing messages.

This webcast is designed to cut through the noise and answer key questions like:

  • What problems are AIOps and automation solving in real-world IT environments today?
  • How can I quickly onramp these technologies and get some immediate wins?
  • Are organizations seeing real ROI from these tools today? In what ways?
  • What functionality should I be focused on as I evaluate my options?
  • How should these technologies play into my 2020 plans?
  • What are some realistic applications that I can rally my team around?

Our featured speaker and Forrester Senior Analyst Rich Lane will provide insights from conversations with hundreds of enterprises who have posed similar questions. He’ll offer a pragmatic look at where these markets stand today and provide recommendations for five practical applications of AIOps and automation that will have an immediate impact on your operational efficiencies and performance metrics. We’ll also provide a high-level overview of how the Resolve platform maps to these observations and recommendations.

Gain valuable, real-world insights to help shape your 2020 planning process — and to better understand how AIOps and automation can help you address key challenges faced by IT teams as infrastructure becomes exponentially more complex.

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