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Preparing for the Unexpected: Forge a Strong ITSM Foundation with Automation + AIOps

Preparing for the Unexpected: Forge a Strong ITSM Foundation with Automation + AIOps

2020 has presented a myriad of new IT challenges as we adjust to working in new ways and continually prepare for the unexpected. Digital transformation is officially on fast forward and pressure testing your ITSM foundation and processes.

No doubt you are battling a sea of IT data and struggling to keep up with an uptick in service desk requests, supporting more remote workers, and tackling a series of new initiatives while trying to keep the lights on. Meanwhile, the perpetual challenges of keeping up with dynamic infrastructure, CMDB updates, and status quo service requests haven’t gone away – nor has the pressure to resolve incidents faster… all without enough headcount.

Resolve and T4S Partners explore how you can get immediate relief and prepare for whatever comes next by automating:

  • Discovery and dependency mapping
  • Real-time updates to your CMDB
  • Service desk requests and support for remote workers
  • Health checks and proactive maintenance
  • Infrastructure and application provisioning
  • Incident detection and resolution
  • And more!

Resolve VP of Global Sales Engineering Rob Kelsall and T4S Principal Consultant Paul Bussiere share tips on how to jumpstart your journey to automation and AIOps. Listen in to explore how to take your ITSM game to the next level!

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